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Getting ESXi Storage and Network driver Version

I came up with the PowerCLI script, It will give the HBA and NIC driver details.

Output holds the below details.


ESX Name

Storage Adapter Version

Storage Vendor Name

Network Adapter Version

Network Vendor Name

Module Name


H/W Model

In the script I collect driver details by ESXCLI commands. While collecting I was having problem find the driver name of the network and storage. By default it should be network driver should be enic and storage driver should be fnic, but in different according to dell driver and some hardware we have LPFC and many other drivers present. Please find some driver names below.

Storage = fnic,Network = enic

Storage = lpfc,Network = bnx2

Storage = qlnativefc,Network = bnx2

Storage = qlnativefc,Network = tg3

Storage = qla2xxx,Network = tg3

Storage = lpfc,Network = bnx2

So while making the script we need to keep in mind that we are getting the right driver name before getting the driver version.

To know the driver version

$nic_details = Get-VMHostNetworkAdapter -VMHost ($vc_name1.Name)

$nic_module = $nic_module.ExtensionData.Driver

Below is the output of the Output of ‘$nic_module.ExtensionData’


Device: vmnic0

Pci: 06:00.0

Driver: enic

LinkSpeed: VMware.Vim.PhysicalNicLinkInfo

ValidLinkSpecification: {VMware.Vim.PhysicalNicLinkInfo}

Spec: VMware.Vim.PhysicalNicSpec

WakeOnLanSupported: False

Mac: 00:25:b5:a8:01:92

FcoeConfiguration :

VmDirectPathGen2Supported : True

VmDirectPathGen2SupportedMode : upt

ResourcePoolSchedulerAllowed: True

ResourcePoolSchedulerDisallowedReason :

AutoNegotiateSupported: False

To get the driver version:

$HBA_version = $esxcli.system.module.get($hba_module).version

We can get the same details from SSH

esxcli system module get --module <ModuleName>

Please find the full script below.

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