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ESXi Inventory Collection

Introduction :

The PowerShell script that I've provided is a tool for generating an inventory report of all the ESXi hosts within a vCenter Server. This can be useful for IT administrators who need to keep track of their virtual infrastructure and ensure that everything is up-to-date and properly licensed.

The script uses the VMware PowerCLI module to connect to the vCenter Server and retrieve information about the ESXi hosts. It then organizes this information into an array and exports it to an Excel file for easy viewing and manipulation.

The inventory report includes details such as the ESXi host name, vCenter Server name, cluster and data center names, CPU and memory specifications, network adapter and storage adapter information, and licensing details. This provides a comprehensive overview of the virtual infrastructure and can help identify any areas that may require attention.

The script can be customized to include additional information as needed and can be run periodically to keep the inventory report up-to-date.

Example usage

Get-ESXiInventory -VIServerName "" -OutputPath "C:\ESXiInventory.xlsx"

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