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Custom Approval in vRealize Automation



vRealize Automation is a powerful automation tool that enables organizations to streamline their IT service delivery and automate various processes. One crucial aspect of automation is the approval workflow, which ensures that requests are reviewed and authorized by the appropriate individuals or teams. While vRealize Automation offers default approval policies, sometimes organizations need to implement custom approval workflows to align with their unique requirements. In this blog post, we'll explore the need for custom approval in vRealize Automation and provide a code example for interacting with the vRealize Automation API to perform custom approval actions.

Understanding the Need for Custom Approval:

Compliance: Organizations often have specific compliance requirements that demand additional approval steps or specific approvers. Custom approval allows organizations to define and enforce these compliance requirements within the automation process, ensuring adherence to regulations and policies.

Complex Workflows: Certain workflows involve multiple stages or departments that require different levels of approval. Custom approval empowers organizations to design workflows with multiple approvers, each responsible for their respective stages or departments. This enables granular control and ensures the right people are involved at each step.

Control and Governance: Custom approval provides organizations with enhanced control and governance over the automation process. By defining who has the authority to approve or reject requests, organizations can enforce accountability and ensure decisions align with established policies. This promotes transparency and mitigates risks associated with unauthorized access or resource allocation.

Exception Handling: Some scenarios or requests may require special approval considerations due to their unique nature or associated risks. Custom approval allows organizations to handle these exceptions by incorporating specific approvers or additional steps in the approval process. This flexibility enables tailored responses to exceptional situations, reducing bottlenecks and ensuring efficient handling of requests.

Interacting with the vRealize Automation API for Custom Approval:

To perform custom approval actions programmatically, we can leverage the vRealize Automation API. Here's a code example in JavaScript demonstrating how to approve or reject a request using the API. Before using this workflow, the user needs to add a REST host.

ShellScript for creating RefreshToken, Token, and ApprovalCode. You can replace the input value and get the output.


Custom approval in vRealize Automation empowers organizations to design and enforce tailored approval workflows that align with their unique requirements. By considering compliance, complex workflows, control and governance, and exception handling, organizations can optimize their automation processes and ensure efficient request handling. Leveraging the vRealize Automation API, organizations can interact programmatically with the system to perform custom approval actions and integrate with their existing tools and workflows.

Custom approval in vRealize Automation unlocks the potential for organizations to achieve greater control, flexibility, and compliance in their automation processes. By customizing approval workflows, organizations can enhance operational efficiency and accelerate service delivery, ultimately driving business success.


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